What Live Tracking features are available on Tasteville orders?


Last Update 3 years ago

We've partnered with best-in-class service providers to provide you with Live Tracking of your delivery.

  •  You should receive a SMS with your Live Tracking link, that shows when your order is estimated to be delivered by, within one of the our four delivery windows.

  • When our delivery partners are actually on route to your delivery address, you should receive another SMS, stating we are on our way, along with an ETA. From then on, you can track our delivery partner Live! Yes, you can watch our delivery on the map making its way to you! Our customers love this part so much.

  • When our delivery partners arrive on location, you will receive a notification via SMS, stating that your delivery has arrived, along with Contactless Delivery Confirmation link! Simply click that link any time to confirm that you have received your delivery.

When our delivery partners are at your door, by default, they will attempt delivery in-person. If your premises is unattended, or if you had advised us prior that your premised will be unattended, our delivery partner will place your delivery at a safe location, and record Proof of Delivery photos.

  • An update via SMS will be sent to you stating your delivery has been completed, and your tracking link will be updated with Proof of Delivery photos. 

Due to your order being temperature sensitive, we recommend that your pick up your delivery ASAP, as our T&Cs deem your order has been delivered successfully, even if it is not collected in-person.

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